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team strikers Team Name: Strikers
Based of: Cncinnati, Ohio
Size: 16 members
Style: Milsim
History: The Strikers are one of the midwest original airsoft teams and list among the oldest continuously operated teams in the U.S. Milsim oriented with a focus on honor and sportsmanship combined with an aggressive objectives-centric playstyle, Strikers strive to advance this wonderful sport that we all enjoy. Come see us in action at Springfield, Ohio or at any of a number of national events around the country, or visit us at
team strikers Team Name: Stormblade
Based of: Milford, Ohio
Size: 20 members
Style: Milsim
History: Stormblade was founded by Locutus in 2001 during the inception of Airsoft Ohio. Since that time, Stormblade has attended events in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and New York. We have also hosted many open play and milsim events. Our current homefield is Valley Creek in Williamsburg, Ohio.
team strikers Team Name: S.P.E.A.R.
Based of: Cincinnati, Ohio
Size: 18 members
Style: Milsim
History: Special Purpose Expeditionary Assault Recon
team strikers Team Name: NightHawks
Based of: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Size: 3 members
Style: Milsim/Casual
History: Spawned from a group of high school friends with a common vision, Nighthawk Airsoft established its base of operations in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area during the summer of 2004. In the early days, events consisted mainly of private pistol and AEG games. It was during these times that the values of the Nighthawks (honor, loyalty, and humor) were set forth. Since then, the Nighthawks have traveled throughout MI, OH, NY and IL to engage in battle and are always looking for new and exciting events and opportunities. Operator personalities range from Engineer to Musician, but all enjoy the thrill and comradery that resides upon the field of battle. Following their principles, the Nighthawks continue to embark upon the mission of creating one of the most respected and admirable airsoft teams in the Midwest.