Q: What is Airsoftevents.com?

Airsoftevents website has been built from and for the players who focused on the playability and enjoyement of the sport itself rather than all the goodies available on the market. This website will provide you informations about where and how to play or what rules are actually in place depending on which field you plan to go.

Obviously, this website is somewhat private and events or fields shown on here are not everything you can find out there which is why, if you do know a place to play and know this is a legal place to play, you are more than welcome to share your information with us so we can add it to our database and perhaps offer future events on the field.

Q: Can I participate in the forums?

As long as you are a registered member, yes you can but with some limitations. This website is about the players and the fields, which mean we are drastically limiting the type of posts allowed. your last weekend vacation or which gun is best topics are usually not tolerated.

Q: Why can't I post something in the forums?

Are you a registered forum member? This is the only way you will be able to post. You can read everything without being registered though.

Q: How do I register for an event?

Very simple. Click on the event you want to attend and click on the "register" button. If you decided to become a website member, your information is already saved and it should already be in your event registration form. If you are not a website member, simply enter all the information required.

Notice: a website and a forum members are two complete different thing. You do not need to be a website member to be a forum member and vice versa.

Q: Why the goggle safety is so important?

To make it simple, you only have one pair of eyes and they will not come back if you lose them. There are so many type of glasses or goggles available out there, it is very important to shop for the right thing.

Q: Who can attend an event?

For most fields, the age policy is dictated by their insurance agent. As most field are using either a paintball insurance or something modified from it, the age is usually set at 13 years old. That being said, you will have events where the age can go as high as 18 years old, regardless of the insurance policy. Such high age is ultimately decided by the event organizer.